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WWE vs AEW: The Wednesday Night War

The Wednesday Night Wars are almost upon us. Here, our team look at all the arguments as to why NXT vs AEW is such an even battle.

Our team run down all aspects of the upcoming Wednesday Night War between AEW and NXT.

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Over two decades ago, WWE faced its biggest ever threat as WCW launched Monday Night Nitro, kickstarting the Monday Night Wars.

The battle for ratings is seen as the peak era of wrestling. It pushed both promotions to their limits and brought out the best and worst of each.

Now, in the year 2019, a new company is causing excitement. All Elite Wrestling launched at the beginning of the year and has created a buzz that hasn’t been seen for a long time in the industry.

To date, AEW has run some impressive pay-per-view outings. Double or Nothing was arguably the biggest show of the year and showed how big a threat they can be.

A few short months later, the company announced its intention to go weekly. The move to create a regular product on TNT will take AEW out of the independent comfort zone.

Having selected Wednesday as their night of viewing, it was natural to think NXT was their target. Since then, WWE made the bold strategy to move NXT to the USA network. With this, the Wednesday Night Wars officially begun.

Just one week away from the battle started off proper, Steven and his panel explores the Wednesday Night Wars is greater depth.

They looked the beginning of AEW as well as why NXT is a natural fit as WWE’s alternative.

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