WWE Payback Predictions

Tonight, WWE presents the second annual Payback PPV live from Baltimore. Again, us at Eat Sleep Suplex Retweet present to you our predictions for this event.

The Ascension vs The Meta-Powers (Curtis Axel and Macho Mandow) – Pre Show Match

20150511 payback ep light kickoff hp2 - WWE Payback Predictions

David – Axel and ‘Macho Mandow’ have now been put in a similar position to 3MB, although at least it’s not as bad as the Ascension! The Ascension has been one of the biggest car-crash debuts since the original Sin Cara and I think they are beyond repair unless given a drastic overhaul.  The new Meta-Powers will no doubt get over as a comedy duo and need a few wins to boost it.  To me, the Ascension is just a lost cause and need to return to NXT for further development. – Meta Powers Win.

Robert – Right preshow is quite hard one to read, we have 2 guys who are popular but often the jokes hence this gimmick vs 2 guys who the fans don’t care about. While I can see a path for both teams, I think the Ascension should win to help build them up. Ascension win. – Ascension Win

Andrew – Meta Powers Win

Kyle – Meta Powers Win

Stacey – Meta Powers Win

Josh – Meta Powers Win

Steven – WWE have really messed up these four, especially Sandow. I think him and Axel will play the role of lovely losers down to a tee, and give a much needed win to The Ascension – Ascension Win

John Cena (c) vs Rusev – I Quit match for the US Title

20150426 payback ep light match hp cenarusev - WWE Payback Predictions

David – In my opinion, this is a no-brainer.  This rivalry has been going on for too long and it’s time it was put to rest.  Given the fact that Cena has NEVER lost an ‘I Quit’ match over a 10 year stint it would pretty stupid to bet against him, especially with the whole ‘Never Give Up’ persona.  I doubt this will do any good for the US/Russia relationship, but let’s just hope Rusev doesn’t get buried like the rest.  I’m expecting a Lana face-turn as well – Cena win

Robert – Simply put a Cena win. Alot of folk are liking the open challenge gimmick Cena has going and he will be able to continue that after payback to help win over his haters with great matches as illustrated on Raw against Neville. That was a great match. While we’re expecting a Lana face turn soon I think it’s a bit too early but I think she will be involved in Cena retaining. Cena win – Cena Win

Andrew – Cena wins after Lana gets involved or turns face – Cena Win

Kyle – Rusev Win

Stacey – want Rusev to win but Cena will retain – Cena Win

Josh – Cena Win

Steven – Cenas open challenges have brought life back into a stagnant championship. However, Rusev can’t afford to lose for a third straight PPV. I can see Rusev performing some sort of dodgy tactical move to beat the man who will not quit. – Rusev Win

Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus

20150426 payback ep light match hp zigglersheamus - WWE Payback Predictions

David – This rivalry has been pretty intense after what happened at Extreme Rules and KOTR so I’m expecting this match to be brutal.  It’ll no doubt be taken to the outside where things will get a little bit crazy and the ref may lose control.  Unless it turns into a double countout, I think the only other outcome I see is Sheamus absolutely destroying Ziggler to the point of DQ.  It’ll make Sheamus look strong, but Ziggler gets the win.  Kind of balances it out I reckon. – Ziggler Win

Robert – one has to be won by Sheamus, Ziggler won the last match and Sheamus has to keep win this to keep the fued healthy and interesting however it’ll be interesting to see how Sheamus wins this one, Sheamus gas to be strong in this match without Ziggler appearing too weak. Sheamus win – Sheamus Win.

Andrew – lucky victory for Ziggler – Ziggler Win

Kyle – Sheamus Win

Stacey – Ziggler Win

Josh – Sheamus Win

Steven – Sheamus continues to steam roll his way back up the card since his injury. With him being the favourite to win the IC Title at Elimination Chamber, I think he is a cert to win this one – Sheamus Win

New Day (c) vs Cesaro and Tyson Kidd – 2 out of 3 falls for the WWE Tag Team Titles

20150426 payback ep light match hp 2 3falls - WWE Payback Predictions

David – It’s pretty clear that nobody wants to see the New Day as tag champions although they make good heel characters that were fuelled by audience rejection.  Cesaro & Kidd deserve to hold the titles again although I’m not sure now’s the time for it.  With the Elimination Chamber set to return in a few weeks and the tag titles supposedly being defended in it, I imagine that’s where they will drop the titles instead of Sunday.  Expect to see a brilliant contest that will go to one fall each before the New Day steals one at the end. – New Day Win.

Robert – Kidd and Cesaro are quite a good team although Cesaro seems to be carrying the team while New Day are doing well working their unpopularity. People still dint really care about them but in a way, it’s a way to keep them with heat. New Day win – New Day Win.

Andrew – New Day will switch between its 3 members between falls to stay fresh and win – New Day Win

Kyle – New Day Win

Stacey – Kidd and Cesaro Win

Josh – New Day Win

Steven – This match will steal the show. The five man involved are amongst the most underappreciated wrestlers on the roster. Both teams had a great match at Extreme Rules and with the extra stipulation of 2/3 falls, expect this match to be even better. New Day are very hot as heels so expect them to retain, plus I can see a Money In The Bank briefcase in Cesaro’s future – New Day Win

King Barrett vs Neville

20150426 payback ep light match hp wadeneville - WWE Payback Predictions

David – God save the bloody King!  BNB’s been on a roll since winning KOTR, but Neville has shown he can put up a good fight against him.  I’d have to go with the King on this one to keep his momentum going and make him look dominant.  Neville has not got anything to lose from this and he can always pick it up again if he finds himself in the Elimination Chamber fighting for the vacant IC title (I’m guessing anyway!) – Barrett Win

Robert – This is hard to call, Neville has been booked very well since breaking onto Raw and Barrett is KOTR so both have momentum. I think Barrett will prevail but win dirty some how, maybe even interference from Sheamus possibly but either way it’s Barrett for me. Barrett win – Barrett Win

Andrew – no chance Barrett can lose after becoming King of the Ring – Barrett Win

Kyle – Barrett Win

Stacey – Barrett Win

Josh – Neville Win

Steven – Neville has been the best booked NXT call up since The Wyatts. However, Barrett is the KOTR, and expect him to pull out all the stops to win this. A dirty counter to the Red Arrow will see Barrett win this. – Barrett Win

Ryback Vs Bray Wyatt

results - WWE Payback Predictions

David – Not been paying much attention to this rivalry as I’m not sure how it benefits either of them.  With Harper and Rowan reuniting, I hope to see them help out Bray in this match.  Not sure if it’ll be a permanent reunion, but at least it gets Harper and Rowan back on track.  Wyatt needs it more I reckon following his loss to Undertaker at WM.  Not sure where Ryback will end up though. – Wyatt Win

Robert – Surely WWE can’t Bury Wyatt again? I can’t see that happening to be honest, I think this will be the start of his grooming for main event er, I can also see a possible Wyatt family return during the match to beat Ryback to keep him strong too. I don’t see Wyatt fighting much until he has fully recovered from his ankle injury and they will reform the Wyatt’s to carry the burden. Wyatt win – Wyatt Win

Andrew – Wyatt Win

Kyle – Wyatt Win

Stacey – Ryback Win

Josh – Ryback will win with no Wyatt Family reunion – Wyatt Win

Steven – From Undertaker to Ryback. Bray has been placed back into the midcard just as quickly as he moved up out of it. He needs to win in order to cement himself as a main event star. They need to do it in a win that doesn’t ruin Ryback again. As a result, Payback will see the reformation in some form of the Wyatt Family, be it Harper and Rowan reuniting with Bray, or another group of stars, in order to screw Ryback – Wyatt Win

The Bellas vs Naomi and Tamina

20150426 payback ep light match hp divastag - WWE Payback Predictions

David – I don’t even know what’s happening in the Divas division anymore.  The Bellas are yo-yoing with face and heel turns that nobody seems to notice and Naomi is having to carry it as a solid heel with Tamina as her enforcer.  It would be pretty stupid to have the Bellas win here as it will do no good for Tamina to return and immediately lose.  Naomi needs to be Divas champion soon. – Naomi/Tamina Win

Robert – This one I think will be quite straight forward, Naomi and Tamina will win this match. While the Bellas will put up a fight Tamina and Naomi will continue momentum with a victory Naomi and Tamina win – Naomi/Tamina Win

Andrew – Naomi/Tamina Win

Kyle – Naomi/Tamina Win

Stacey – Naomi/Tamina Win

Josh – Naomi/Tamina Win

Steven – To me, this is the most straight forward match on the card to call. Naomi, as the heel she is, will do minimum work, whilst Tamina will target Brie for most of the match. By the time Nikki gets in, Naomi will sneak in and pick up the win. Expect this win to lead to Naomi becoming Divas champ before feuding with a returning Paige – Naomi/Tamina Win

Seth Rollins (c) vs Randy Orton vs Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose – WWE World Heavyweight Title

20150426 payback ep light match hp 4way - WWE Payback Predictions

David – Ambrose’s addition into this match has made it one to watch, especially since all 3 Shield members are now in.  It’s hard to tell where the storyline will go at this stage but my guess is that all these guys will put on an amazing match with Rollins stealing a victory towards the end, with some help from J&J and possibly Kane.  I imagine all the challengers will have a grudge against the Authority after this, but Rollins has to still be champion to keep this going – Rollins Win

Robert – This one will be interesting with WWE able to go in 4 directions although I fully expect them to continue on their path. With Ambrose added to the mix, I see him as the obvious fall guy in this one for Rollins. WWE will keep Reigns and Orton strong so adding Ambrose to the mix will give Rollins the get out victory which keeps everyone happy. Ambrose is do popular despite regular ppv defeats and it won’t hurt him that much given he hasn’t been in the main event picture. Infact it will help him. They aren’t going to damage what they are doing with Reigns and Orton doesn’t need the strap. Rollins win – Rollins Win

Andrew – Rollins Win

Kyle – Rollins Win

Stacey – Rollins Win

Josh – Reigns Win

Steven – Sadly, I believe Ambrose has been added simply to take the fall in this one so I doubt he will win. Orton has had his time so I think it’s between Reigns and Rollins. Rollins run as champ so far has been pretty flat so far, with him falling to show the true heel streak he had before his cash in. Reigns has slowly began to win the fans over with a series of great matches recently, and fan would probably warm to him becoming champ more now than they would have at Mania. Rollins future feud with Lesnar will see him retain here – Rollins Win

That is our predictions for tonight. You can tune in to WWE Payback Live tonight from 1am UK Time on the WWE Network and Sky Sports Box Office, with the preshow streaming live online at midnight.

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