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Why WWE need to let Drew McIntyre be his own man

Ross Mcleod questions the way WWE consistently books the Scottish Psychopath Drew McIntyre and how they need to stop making him look like a lacky.

After his 2014 release from WWE, Drew Galloway set out to do one thing, become the hardest working wrestler in the world. Turning the ICW Title into a world championship, becoming Impact world champion, and wrestling in over a dozen different countries made sure WWE knew of the mistake they made releasing the 6 foot 7 Scot. At NXT Takeover: Orlando, Drew McIntyre was reborn.

A short but impactful run in NXT saw him win the NXT title in his first Takeover match. Crowds got a glimpse of what this impactful Scot could do on his own as a top guy. The problem with Drew McIntyre since his main roster debut in April of 2018 is the fact that they refuse to let him go off on his own! It held him back before when part of 3MB, and now it seems WWE are letting history repeat itself.

Move to the main roster

He was brought up as Dolph Ziggler’s henchman at the Superstar shake up in April of 2018. Instead of this world class talent using the Intercontinental championship to further propel himself up the card, he played bodyguard to the champion. Now whilst Ziggler is an incredibly talented in-ring performer, many believe the ship has sailed with him as a believable top guy. Yet here you the guy who is 5 years past his peak using the future of this company as a hired gun. 5 months passed between Drew’s main roster debut and his first pay per view match, a tag team championship match at September’s Hell in a Cell. One bright spot of this run however was it gave Drew a tag team title run. So at least championship gold came from this team.

The start of the stables

Then came the Shield reunion which has been one of the worst things for Drew’s WWE run. Roman vs Braun for the Universal Championship meant that Braun needed his own crew. Step forward The Dogs of War. Drew was now no longer the muscle-bound henchman who could take out anyone. Doing so would make Roman look weak and Braun not look like the strongest man on WWE’s roster. In protecting the two top guys, they neutralised what has made Drew so effective in the likes of ICW and Impact Wrestling.

After losing the Raw tag titles on the 22nd of October edition of Raw to The Shield, many hoped this would signal the end of Drew and Dolph’s partnership and lead to a dominating single run for the Scottish Psychopath. Alas all it did was return him to Dolphs corner man. Flown out to Saudi Arabia to stand in the corner of The Show Off as he made it all the way to the finals of the World Cup tournament.

Moving on from Ziggler

Dominating victories over the likes of Kurt Angle on Raw – submitting him to his own Ankle lock – and Dolph Ziggler meant little to nothing. He was soon put in a stable that did nothing for him.

An alliance with Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin was christened 3 man bland online. It did nothing for any of these three characters. Constantly out smarted and beaten up by Braun Strowman or being used as whipping boys for the Shield at both Fastlane. The entirety of this spell put fan interest in these characters at an all-time low.

The now and future

Currently Drew McIntyre is serving as the modern-day equivalent of Test, backing up Shane McMahon alongside Elias. Once more, he stood in Saudi in the corner of another that fans lost interest in long ago. He helped Shane do what he couldn’t do prior, pin Roman Reigns.

While many a superstar has started as a successful bodyguard such as Kevin Nash, Big E, Batista and Chyna, these stars were given a chance to find a role that suited them and break out from a mere hired gun.

WWE seems to have little faith in Drew as a solo star. They constantly move him from stable to stable with no rhyme or reason. Doing this simply negates one of the best all round athletes in this sport today. Not only that, but it denies the fans the top heel or baby face we know he can be.

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