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Wrestling Weddings

By the power vested in us, we got together a wedding party to discuss some of our favourite wrestling weddings.

Our team look back at past wrestling weddings on the eve of a big day for one of the Suplex Retweet crew.

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The happiest day of your life is how people usually describe their wedding day. Getting joined in holy matrimony with the one you love. All in front of your closest friends and family. A truly joyous occasion.

Sadly, wrestling weddings don’t quite follow that format.

Much like those seen in soap operas, weddings seen within wrestling television take on a scripted nature.

And much like their fictional counterparts, things don’t always follow the traditional format.

There is a high likelihood that something out of the ordinary may occur. Someone may interrupt the ceremony before the vows. A mystery illness may strike for a member of the wedding party. We may even see someone tombstone a priest. It is wrestling after all!

Whilst not as off the rail as a Game of Thrones Red Weddings, weddings in wrestling never go smoothly, but they do play a role. WWE and other promotions around the globe have made frequent use of them in days gone by.

They play a crucial role in furthering storylines, creating feuds or to lead to a major match somewhere down the line. They are forever a safe bet in creating entertainment for the audience.

This coming week sees a big day taking place for one of the team here at Eat Sleep Suplex Retweet. The Scottish Big Dog Allan McLucas is set to tie the knot with his long-term girlfriend. To celebrate this joyous day, Steven and the panel take a look back at the wrestling weddings of days gone by, and hope Allan‘s day doesn’t turn out as chaotic as those.

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