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With WWE 2K17 newly released, the Suplex Retweet team discuss the history of wrestling video games

From Nintendo 64 to PS4, we look back at some of our favourite wrestling games.

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With the increasing development of new gaming technology, video games have become a great source of entertainment all over the world. It also appeals to a wide demographic from the family-friendly party games to the all-out online battles between die-hard gamers. The wrestling industry has also capitalised on this continuously growing market. It has transformed their promotions into a virtual universe where you, as the player are in total control.

Much like in real life and with many other sporting related video games, the WWE games allow the player to essentially control the company and the superstars in a virtual environment. This is one of the biggest selling points of WWE’s games. It allows the player’s creativity was allowed to run wild. Plus with the addition of online capability in more modern day consoles, it other players can compete and share creations with each other.

Some of WWE’s stand-alone games had a more ‘arcade’ feature to them. Examples include WWF Superstars, released in 1989. There was also WWF Crush Hour which was themed as a demolition derby.

The amount of creativity that can be featured in the video games allows the player’s imagination to develop and grow whilst also having fun at the same time. How many people can say that the first thing they do when they get a new wrestling video game, they want to create themselves in the game? Not only that, but giving your character all the best moves and the highest stats possible so that it makes you feel like a true superstar, it’s like being a big kid over and over again.

Steven leads the discussion as we talk about some of our favourite wrestling video games.

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