Shawn Michaels return from injury in 2002 is one of the greatest ever wrestling comebacks

Wrestling Comebacks

There’s no better feeling in wrestling than seeing one of your favourite return after a prolonged absence. In this episode, our panel discuss some of their favourite comebacks in wrestling history, as well as debating the effect of social media on modern day returns.

Is there anyone who doesn’t enjoy wrestling comebacks?

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In wrestling just like in all forms of sport and entertainment it’s full of great comebacks. Fittingly round the time Daniel Bryan has been announced to be returning to the ring, we bring you the best comebacks in wrestling history.

They say absence makes the heart grow founder and this show features some examples of this. Whether they’re coming back from injury, premature retirement or from having left the company for a period of time a comeback can make for a great moment. The more unexpected the better.

Greats like The Rock and Chris Jericho are good enough to pull off multiple comebacks

It’s not just about the moment itself it’s what they do with a superstar following their return that truly makes a comeback.

Something that can help a comeback is the surprise factor which can be more difficult with the rise of social media when all it takes is one photo to leak and everything’s ruined.

Join host Steven Wilson and the panel as they go through their picks for the best wrestling comebacks and discuss what it is that makes them great. They also discuss social media and what effect it has had on comebacks.

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