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Wrestlers who divide opinion

In wrestling, there isn’t always competitors who get the expected heel/face treatment from the fans. Some who are meant to be loved get booed to no end, whilst those who were meant to hate are some of our favourites. In this episode, our panel look at the wrestlers who divide fan opinion.

There is plenty of wrestlers who divide opinion in the current era, with some meant to be cheered but getting booed.

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In society, there is a common phrase that goes ’such and such is like Martite.’ You either like it or you don’t. There is little or none middle ground involved.

In a strange way, wrestling, or the wrestlers in particular, takes on a similar form.

Since the beginnings of the sport, it always took on the same format as your classic movie. There was a good guy – or face in wrestling terms – who would follow the rules and do what is took to defeat the evil villian – or heel – who was up to no good.

Wrestling, like with fiction, would always see the goody prevail at the end of the day. This simple format worked successfully during wrestling original boom period in the 1980s, making perfect use of its largest than life style characters.

However, since the introduction of the internet and social media, the art of kayfabe as they call it became less and less of a thing. No longer were the private lives and real life ongoings of the performers a secret.

As a result of this, wrestling fans began to act out with their traditional stand point. No longer was the goody goody hero someone they wanted to route for. There was no sense of realism that the internet day-and-age has brought that didn’t stick with the hardcore support.

Classic characters such as John Cena and Roman Reigns are great examples. Loved by child fans who believe the fairytale fiction but despised at the loyal support. Instead, these hardcore fans would cheer for ‘cool heels’ who despite supposed to be trying to be hated, where getting over with the crowds.

There is so many wrestlers who divide opinion in modern day wrestling. In this podcast, our panel take a look at these wrestlers and try to figure out why they have became such divisive characters.

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