Wrestlemania Scramble Quiz 2019

Pens and paper at the ready. it’s time for our annual WrestleMania Quiz however this’s time, it’s a scramble where we’ll see a new ESSR Champion at the end of last round!

See how much you know about the sports entertainment spectacular in our Wrestlemania Scramble Quiz 2019.

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Wrestlemania 2000 saw one of the most memorable scramble matches of the Attitude Era, when 13 men raged war for 15 minutes over the WWF Hardcore Championship.

Whilst not quite as chaotic, us here at Suplex Retweet attempted our own scramble madness in the latest of our Quiz shows.

Sarah Grieve attempted to control the madness as six panelists went to war over four rounds in a test of Mania knowledge to crowd a new ESSR champion in our Wrestlemania Scramble Quiz 2019.

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