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Wrestlemania 35 The Undercard

The panel look at some of the lower card matches for this year’s mania including the Battle Royals, Cruiserweight, US and Intercontinental Tilte matches.

Our preview of Wrestlemania 35 kicks off with a look at the undercard matches planned for the event.

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Wrestlemania is always a high profile event.  Careers can made or broken, storylines reach a climax and the ‘shock factor’ can always throw us a curveball.

However, there are always matches on the card that get overlooked. One’s that aren’t as heavily featured compared to the ‘main event’ calibre matches. 

These matches are often for mid-card championships such as the United States or Intercontinental championships.

Whilst overlooked by some, these matches have the potential to be hidden gems or even ‘Match of the Night’. Take last year’s IC Title triple threat or the recent ladder matches for example.

There has been debate amongst the wrestling community recently that a spot on the Wrestlemania card should be earned. The edition of the Battle Royals over the last five years has seen wrestlers get on the Mania card despite no build over the year. 

Some would argue that it damages superstars’ credibility. Others would say it’s just an excuse to make sure everyone gets on the card.

With David H leading the discussion, the team discuss this year’s Wrestlemania 35 undercard matches. They talk about United States, Intercontinental and Cruiserweight championship matches as well as the two Battle Royals.

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