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Wrestlemania 35 Next Day Reaction

4 sleep deprived Scots and a small dog discuss their reactions and thoughts of last nights show of the immortals. What can possibly go wrong?

The next day is usually the best day for reaction. Was this the case for our team in our Wrestlemania 35 Next Day Reaction show.

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And breathe. The biggest show of the year – Wrestlemania – is done and dusted for another year. And what a night it was.

Shocks, emotional moments and a painful use of pliers were all dished out over the course of a pulsating evening.

8 hours of wrestling in one night sure is no mean feat though. It’s even worst for us based in the UK.

Our usual 4am shift is tough, but trying to survive until 5.30am this time around was difficult.

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One thing is for certain though is that the best analysis of an event comes on the spot. First thought in the mind, quick fire analysis.

A great example last year was how most of our team slated Braun winning the tag titles with a kid. Fast forward a couple of days though and a lot of us seen the sense in the move marketing wise for WWE.

Will this year see a similar level of analysis?

Our team attempted to provide this perfectly this year with our next day Wrestlemania reaction. With less than 20 hours sleep between the panel, Allan McLucas looks to navigate 16 matches in about an hour of air time.

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Here’s our Wrestlemania 35 Next Day analysis. Warning, panelists may be knackered at time of recording!!

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