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Wrestlemania 34 Weekend Review

Wrestlemania weekend is over, and what a weekend it was. Our team runs down their favourite moments from the event, as well as NXT Takeover, RAW and Smackdown after Mania.

Time for the final show of Mania week here on Suplex Retweet as we review Wrestlemania 34 weekend.

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With the benefit of a few days of contemplation and some sleep the team reassemble for the final show of WrestleMania week 2018.

They go back over to the WrestleMania 34 weekend and see if their opinions have changed after a few days. Is there anything they look at more positive than they did at the time? Is there anything they’re not as fond of? Or have their opinions remained unchanged?

They take a look at the post Mania edition of Raw and SmackDown to see if the fall out makes the booking make more sense. As well as that there’s the usual post big 4 PPV TV NXT call ups to talk about. Was this the right time for these people to be brought to the main roster? Will they suffer the same fate as other NXT alumni?

Speaking of NXT there is an amazing Takeover show to talk about as the cover Takeover New Orleans. As show full of twists, turns, title changes and an emotional main event. 

Join Steven Wilson and the panel as they say goodbye to WrestleMania for another year and look back over their favourite and least favourite moments from the week.

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