Ronda copy - Wrestlemania 34 Next Day Fallout

Wrestlemania 34 Next Day Fallout

Less than 12 hours removed from the biggest sporting show of the year, our team give their snapshot next day reactions on what went down at Wrestlemania 34.

Relive all the action from the night before in our Wrestlemania 34 Next Day Fallout

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Less than 12 hours and a lack of sleep later we’re here to give you our immediate next day reactions to WrestleMania 34 to wrap up WrestleMania week.

Main host Steven Wilson assembled a panel that despite being sleep deprived are willing to give their different opinions all the good, the bad and the weird moments from an over 7 hour Mania. Made even worse by the fact they were all watching the show in the UK.

The good: Ronda Rousey stealing the show in her debut and Rollins winning the great opening Intercontinental title triple threat to become a grand slam champion.

The bad: Brock retaining, Jinder pinning Rusev and AJ vs Nakamura not living up to the hype. Finally, the weird: Taker squashing John Cena in 2 minutes, Bray Wyatt returning to help Woken Matt Hardy win the Andre Battle royal and Braun Strowman winning the RAW tag titles with a 10 year old named Nicholas.

They also talk about the over 7 hour runtime and positioning of certain matches affected the show. Did the show fall off a cliff half way through? 

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