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Worst world championship reigns

We discuss people who have had bad world championship reigns, looking at why they were so bad and ways if possible it could’ve been better.

Our panel look back at some of the worst world championship reigns of all time

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Jinder Mahal. Jack Swagger. Rey Mysterio. Vince Russo. David Arquette. Mick Foley. Jeff Hardy. Vince McMahon. Triple H.

These are some of the divisive names that come up when wrestling fans the world over discuss some of their least favourite World Champions or worst World Championship runs.

But what really makes a bad World Champion?

Does it boil to the wrestler themselves – is it too much too soon for them or are they just not at that level?

A lot of the time it stems down to creative issues in terms of booking.

Either they wait too long to pull the trigger on a wrestler, thus killing their momentum or they put too much on their shoulders too early.

Sometimes though, it can boil down to circumstances outwith a wrestlers control. This is often when the fans are generally not receptive of their World Championship runs.

Either when they don’t hold the belt long enough, or sometimes, when they have it for too long and become stale.

On the latest podcast, Ross, our panel and you the listeners have combined to help us determine just who are some of the best of the worst. From WWE, Ring Of Honor, Impact Wrestling, ICW, WCW, and more. Join us as we discuss our worst World Champions and worst World Championship runs of all time.

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