one of 2019's worst moments when Roman Reigns announced he had been diagnosed with cancer

Worst Moments, Bookings & Matches of 2018

We discuss some of the bizarre, sad and awful events in wrestling this year.

Whilst 2018 had a lot of great stuff, there was equally some horrible and sad moments. We look back at the year’s worst moments, matches and bookings.

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As much as we love wrestling, there is always aspects of the product but we can’t help but hate.

The way sports entertainment works as a product means that there is always a series of out-there gimmicks and characters.

Whilst some – such as Kane, Undertaker and Bray Wyatt – work despite being weird in context, many segments just stink out the joint.

But it’s not just the characters and segments that can be bad. As fans, we respect the wrestlers for what they do. The craft of wrestling is a hard thing to grasp and until we have done it, it can be hard for us as ‘pundits’ to judge.

However, when a match is bad, even us fans can’t hide the fact that it sucks.

2018 had it’s fair share of bad, despite producing some amazing matches and moments. There wasn’t just moments that were though. This year saw moments that were so sad, that we class them as bad, such as the announcement that Roman Reigns was once again diagnosed with cancer.

On the third of our look back at the year shows, David and his panel attempt to make sense of the bizarre, sad and awful events in wrestling this year.

Many fans of the Crown Jewel event better look away now. It gets a beating on this podcast. I’d also make sure that none of Lashley’s sisters are listening either. They probably won’t like what they hear.

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