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Why WWE needs Sonya Deville wrestling again ASAP

Steven Wilson looks at why it’s time for Sonya Deville to ditch her authority role and lace her boots up once again.

In much a similar manner to her backstage chum Adam Pearce (good old Scrap Daddy) does on a regular basis, Sonya Deville decided to do a bit of show hopping on WWE programming.

The most recent edition of Monday Night RAW saw Deville orchestrate a way for Charlotte Flair to cut her on-screen suspension short – much to the dismay of Pearce.

It was arguably the biggest role the former MMA fighter has had on WWE since her return to TV back in early January. Over the last four months, Deville has served primarily as an assistant authority figure on Smackdown, appearing briefly in backstage segments or during PPV pre-shows.

In the eyes of many fans though, this is a poor utilisation of Deville’s talent. We only need to rewind 12 months to see what she is capable of. At the time, she was a major part of one of WWE’s hottest programs of 2020 with Mandy Rose and Otis. During this time, she was producing some of the best mic work across the whole of WWE, and even managed to land a marquee match-up at last year’s Summerslam against her former tag team partner.

Her absence from TV – which came up in an entirely understandable fashion due to traumatic incidents in her personal life – did arguably halt her momentum slightly. However, you’d have still expected those in charge to place her straight back into a big role on her return.

WWE’s female mid-card is floundering

Much like Rose though – who is floundering in the tag division with Dana Brooke – she is currently been treated like a bit of an afterthought.

The women’s division on RAW and Smackdown is pretty thin at this point, with a lack of serious competition for the champs outside of Asuka and the Four Horsewomen. Deville could easily fit in under that level, establishing credible rivalries with the likes of Naomi or Carmella. She has shown her skills both in the ring and on the stick.

Getting her back wrestling regularly will only help establish the undercard of the division, and help create a greater variety of undercard feuds. Otherwise, we risk a carousel of repeat title clashes on both brands over the rest of the year.

Given how hard the female wrestlers of WWE have worked to put themselves on equal footing as the men, it would be a shame if the division were to regress. Sonya Deville could be a vital star to keep things looking fresh moving forward.

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