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Why We Love Wrestling

After over two months of broadcasting, you may be wondering, why did this lot choose to talk about wrestling and not something else? On this show, the panel discuss what got them into wrestling in the first, and why they still tune in today. A must listen!

We all love wrestling. We discuss the reasons why we follow the world of professional wrestling and why we have continued to do so for so long.

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Back when Suplex Retweet was in its infancy as a blog, our own Steven Wilson told a story early.

He told the readers exactly what it was about wrestling that made him love it.

Through the art of powerbombing him onto couches, his cousins and fellow ESSR members Derek and Gary passed on their passion to him.

With every Friday night during the Attitude Era spent sat watching Monday Night RAW, Steven was firmly hooked.

His passion would only grow as he advanced into his teens. As his knowledge in general developed, so to did his understanding of wrestling.

Whilst the idea of kayfabe was now obvious to Steven, he didn’t take anything away from his excitement when big moments occurred.

Steven‘s views resonated with other fellow fans. Bloggers and wrestling writers a like chipped in to express why they love wrestling.

One thing that was clear though is whilst many loved the sport for similar reasons, they all had different stories.

As well as that, to some, the reason they liked it as a kid is dramatically different to why they follow it now.

With Suplex Retweet as a podcast still in its infancy, there was no better time give our listeners a flavour of why we do what we do. Especially given the vastly different backgrounds the team possesses.

In this episode, Steven and his panel discuss what got them into wrestling in the first, and why they still tune in today.

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