Why we all love Wrestling

Last June, Steven Wilson wrote for us on why he loves wrestling. 18 months on, Suplex Retweet has went out to our general audience and asked the same question, why do you love wrestling.

David Haughney – full-time banking analyst, part-time Eat Sleep Suplex Retweet blogger, all round wrestling lover

It tells a story through the sport like soap operas or daytime to TV.

Connor Keegan – Co-general manager of the Glasgow University Pro Wrestling Society

It’s simply a contemporary art form. Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro was branded “vulgar” in the late 18th century-now it’s considered revolutionary, even innovative. Wrestling is no different. Something which can generate such an eclectic mix of emotions; love, hate, anger and fear, suggests that wrestling is more than “big men doing fake fighting.” Instead, wrestling is arguably the boldest upheaval in entertainment seen in the 20th century. It provides an emotional release when times are tough and for that I will always be grateful for its presence in my life.

David Gill – Newcastle based wrestling fan

Why do I love wrestling i have always have. From the first time i saw it 1988 i remember watching Summerslam and thinking that the wrestlers were just amazing and how they would jump off the top rope. Fast forward 28 years and i still feel the same love for it today. The only things that have changed is I am now going to more live UK stuff. I still love the characters of the wrestlers and the feuds maybe more now. That feel of being one in a crowd of how many who are there for the wrestling at the show. That feeling of you know it already booked but it don’t matter as you don’t know. So i guess why do i love wrestling ? It is because of the wrestling it self.

Neil Docking – wrestling writer at The Daily Mirror

I’ve loved wrestling since I was a boy, when I was first taken by the athleticism, the drama, the spectacle and the larger than life characters of the then WWF. In many ways watching and writing about it now is a connection to my childhood, it’s a great form of escapism and a chance to switch off from my day job! As I’ve got older I’ve also become fascinated by the real-life characters, their craftmanship and what happens behind the scenes when the camera stops rolling, but above all else I love being just a normal fan who loses himself in this wonderfully wacky, alternative reality.

Coop The Comedian – podcast host of Coops Corner

My love for wrestling was rekindled by Lucha Underground

Mark Conlan – fellow wrestling blogger at WrasslinAsylum

The thing that keeps me coming back for more when it comes to wrestling would be the unpredictability. The buzz you get when the music hits on a returning superstar or a new champ is crowned. Ones in recent times would be the debut of ‘The Phenomenal One’ AJ Styles or the cash in of ‘The Lunatic Fringe’ Dean Ambrose. When you hear that crowd absolutely lose it when the music hits is the greatest buzz. I can’t imagine what the superstars feel.

Ross McLeod – the only man I know who has tickets to both RAW and Smackdown Live in Glasgow

I truly don’t know why, its just something I always find myself loving.

And finally, as short and as sweet as you like

Grado – ICW and TNA wrestler, star of BBC’s Insane Fight Club and Scot Squad, all round sound guy

The Rock.

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