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Why Tyson Fury is the perfect crossover star for WWE

Steven Wilson looks at why the teased clash of Tyson Fury and Braun Strowman is a win-win for all parties involved.

After a controversial end to Hell in a Cell, WWE hit more high than lows not at the conclusion of the fall-out RAW. The show ended with Braun Strowman being held apart from boxing star Tyson Fury.

The appearance of the former world champion Fury came just days after a starring role in the debut Smackdown of FOX.

That night, he was shown in the front row before attempting an altercation with the Monster Among Men.

Boxing and wrestling have always saw a large degree of crossover in the past. Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather famously played starring roles leading into two different Wrestlemanias.

Even just a few weeks ago, Big E helped provided the intros for Shawn Porter in his recent world title bout.

Despite this past cases, Fury has received criticism for his WWE involvement from his pears and some in the media.

However, I believe that the Gypsy King is absolutely perfect for WWE right now.

The company are at the beginning of a well-published ratings battle with AEW – and in the early days of their deal with FOX.

They need someone to draw casual eyes on to what they are doing. Looking at the overall world of sport, not many have that ability better than Tyson Fury.

We are talking about a man who once turned up at a press conference dressed as Batman. He has charisma in abundance, something you need to get over with wrestling audiences.

The fact that he is a fan as well will be of great benefit, as he will know what those watching will expect and want to see.

One of those things life long fans of the sport love is the larger than life aspect. When you look at the potential clash between Fury and Strowman, that has that tag written all over.

Having Fury around, even if only until Crown Jewel, will benefit everyone involved. WWE will get the attention, Strowman will get the legitimacy and Fury will get the nice Saudi paycheck.

A triple threat victory.

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