cropped Drake Maverick - Why Drake Maverick has been the perfect counterpart to R-Truth and the 24/7 title

Why Drake Maverick has been the perfect counterpart to R-Truth and the 24/7 title

Steven Wilson looks at how the side feud between the former Rockstar Spud and R-Truth has played a big part in the success of the 24/7 title.

Every great story needs a hero to counteract a villian. The story currently unfolding around the 24/7 title is no different – even if we can’t tell who the hero and villain is.

WWE’s newest championship has received near critical acclaim since its incorporation in May. Many fans have showered praise on the segments showcasing the belt, saying that it is some of the most entertaining TV the company has produced this year.

At the centre of the success is without a doubt R-Truth. The 47 year old has undergone a career renaissance as of late. Videos of his 24/7 title antics – which include being taped to a table hid under the ring and pinning a sleeping Jinder Mahal on a plane – are among the highest viewed on WWE’s YouTube channel.

Truth’s placing as an eight time champion underlines his place as the divisions centrepiece. However, every great champion needs someone to counteract them. Whilst most of the WWE’s lowercard have taken advantage of the TV time the belt has presented to them, one in particular has stood out. That individual is Drake Maverick.

The former Rockstar Stud has always been an entertaining character wherever he has been. However, if you don’t watch 205 Live, chances are many WWE fans having seen the best of Drake until now.

Making the most of nothing

Maverick has made intelligent use of social media to get his face out there. Always at the forefront of the crowd chasing down the champ, he went out and engaged with the audience. Hes often seen searching for Truth outside of arenas and at bars.

Like with any good wrestling storylines, the tale has to have a fitting end. So when Drake finally pinned Truth to win the title just days before his real life wedding, the journey appeared to be complete.

But no, the pair took it to the next level, with Truth pinning Maverick on his wedding day, giving the story an extra layer. R-Truth is always guaranteed to have funny moments with the 24/7 title. However, they can only go so far with him running away from groups each week.

Maverick has provided him with that person needed to created a form of longevity. With a naturally high level of charisma, he has been the perfect counterpart to R-Truth real life-field style of comedy.

Long may it continue.

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