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Why Baron Corbin was the right choice for King of The Ring

Steven Wilson argues why winning the latest King of the Ring tournament could finally be what gains Baron Corbin credibility as a top heel.

It was a sentence I never thought I’d utter earlier this year. Baron Corbin as king. 

It’s almost six months now since The Lone Wolf put the final nail in the coffin of the career of Kurt Angle. The Wrestlemania victory of the latest in a string of attempts by WWE to portray Corbin as the next big heel.

2018 saw him come out of obscurity to become RAW GM. Following on from that, we had the various Corbin trio of dooms, which seemed to hinder all who were involved.

Both Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley – both talented in their own right – grew stale with their involvement in Corbin’s action. In fact, many directly involved with Baron in other ways suffered as well. Many believe he did nothing to help Seth Rollins initial Universal title reign.

Corbin as king

So you may be asking now: why o why would I want him to be King of The Ring?

The reasons are simple really. First of all, Baron Corbin has actually developed into a solid big man wrestler. Unlike others before him, he has the quickness to him that makes his power moves come across absolutely slick. Both the Deep Six and End of Days are two of the most well executed in wrestling today.

My issue with Corbin has always been how he has been portrayed. Prior to his GM run, he couldn’t buy a win. He only managed a mere one minute in the 2018 Royal Rumble. As a result, it was hard to buy him as a credible threat. You can’t jump straight from jobbing to authority figure to world title contender.

You need to be built up properly to that level. Corbin has all the tools to be a great heel. Not many wrestlers in WWE today can gather heat like him, especially in the era of ‘Cools Heels’.

He needs to gather momentum among the mid card before he can feasibly be seen as a credible world champion. Being King of The Ring will allow him to display his arrogance towards the rest of the roster.  He could target the likes of Ricochet and The Miz for their lack of respect.

The sky’s the limit for Corbin, and this could be the start of him being seen as a top performer in the eyes of the fans. Just please keep him away from Strowman for a while.

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