The Streak ended at Wrestlemania 30

Undertaker: The Streak

Even The Beast from the East couldn’t keep us down, as our team worked remotely to record this latest show around the legendary Streak. Whilst the production quality might not be as good, you can’t beat the banter in this one.

The streak may be broken but it lives on in our hearts

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With a few weeks until WrestleMania 34 we look at one of the most iconic performers in WrestleMania history: The Undertaker. More specifically his WrestleMania undefeated streak.

For years the only things that were inevitable death, taxes and Undertaker wins at Mania. That was until Mania 30 when Brock Lesnar shockingly ended the only constant in WWE when he bested the Deadman.

The result shocked the wrestling world and truly marked the end of an era in the sport.

With over 20 matches in the streak there’s a lot to cover. Ranging from forgettable against Jimmy Snuka and Jake Roberts to back to back instant classics against Shawn Michaels to just plain bad against Big Bossman and Giant Gonzalez.

Join host David H and the panel as they battle through the Beast from the East to discuss the best and worst matches from the Undertaker’s legendary Mania run. They discussed the idea of the streak being something everyone wants to conquer, their reaction to Lesnar being the one and how it’s ending has affected Taker’s Mania matches in the years that followed.

They even discuss whether or not the streak should have ever been broken and if it was up to them who would have been the one.

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