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Triple H

After a celebrating 25 years in WWE, we look at the wrestling career of ”The Game” Triple H discussing matches and moments of the Cerebral Assassin.

Weeks after the 25th anniversary of his WWE debut, our team look back at the career of ‘The Game’ Triple H

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25 years is a long time in wrestling. Even more so when you look at where Paul Levesque was when he debuted in the WWE.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley was the ‘Connecticut Blueblood’. An snobbish character who was promptly squashed by the Ultimate Warrior during his WrestleMania debut.

It’s amazing looking back that this same character would become Triple H: one of the greatest in WWE history.

He’s had to show incredible endeavor to get to where he is today. He was practically banished to the bottom of the card following his involvement in the infamous Curtain Call incident.

Twice he has fought back from horrific quad injuries that would like floor many others. But he came back stronger each time.

Triple H’s CV truly speaks for itself. A founding member of the DX stable, it wouldn’t be long until he reigned over WWE.

1999 saw him win the first of 14 WWE titles. His feuds in 2000 with the likes of Mankind, Kurt Angle and The Rock factored in to PW Torch considering him at that time to be the best wrestler in the US.

He helped invent the idea of the stable in the company as part of Evolution. During this period, some may argue that he buried talented stars such as Kane, Booker T and Rob Van Dam.

On the flip side though, he helped establish a number of other wrestlers in latter years like Batista, Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins.

With so much to discuss, Steven leads the team to talk through the career of ‘The Game’ Triple H.

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