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TNA X-Division History

We look back at some of our favourite matches and moments in the TNA X Division discussing the impact at the time and where all the prominent wrestlers are now.

We look back at a division that helped build TNA into a wrestling company to watch out for: the X-Division.

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2002 was a rough time in general for wrestling.

The Attitude Era was coming to a close. WWF would soon become WWE due to a dispute with the World Wildlife Fund and WCW and ECW were no more.

Outside of the WWE, the landscape of the sport was relatively thin. This was soon to change though when Jeff and Jerry Jarrett founded Total Nonstop Action, or TNA as we best know it.

In a bid to stand out as an alternative, one of TNA’s earliest moves was to establish what they called the X-Division.

The goal of the division was to emphasize the high risk nature of the moves that these wrestlers perform. By removing all restraints on its wrestlers, it allowed them to perform almost stunt like wrestling moves.

In the 17 years since, the X-Division has become a staple of wrestling as a whole.

It has not only produced some great matches and moments, but created many of the top stars we know today.

Stars like AJ Styles and Samoa Joe were built on the foundations of the X-Division. The pairs feud alongside Christopher Daniels put TNA on the map and led to one of wrestling’s finest matches at Unbreakable 2005.

Making his hosting debut, Strak and his panel look back at the inception of the X-Division. They also discuss the signature matches it produced and the stars it produced, some of whom are now shining in WWE.

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