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TK Cooper Interview

We spoke to TK Cooper about his wrestling journey, moving from New Zealand to the UK, future goals and aspirations wrestling for ICW and his YouTube series with Chuck Mambo.

New Zealand born star TK Cooper speaks to Suplex Retweet.

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Like so many others, TK Cooper arrived in the UK in order to make his dream a reality.

The New Zealand took the bold move to jump sticks to get his wrestling career off the ground.

At that time, the British scene was on the verge for its latest boom period. PROGRESS Wrestling was just taking off. ICW were about to make waves. It was the perfect time to make base in this neck of the woods.

Having initial broke through with the IPW promotion, it is in London’s PROGRESS that TK has received the most exposure.

Together with Dalhia Black, they would form the South Pacific Power Couple, a duo from the Eastern Hemisphere intent on taking the company by storm.

Eventually, they would align themselves with fellow New Zealander Travis Banks to form the South Pacific Power Trip.

Despite some success, sadly Cooper’s recent career has been blighted by injury. But that has not diminished for much he is appreciated by the PROGRESS faithful. Him and Black’s return to save Banks from British Strong Style in 2017 received one of UK Wrestling’s biggest ever pops.

Now, with Black retired and Banks more focused on NXT UK, TK is out to forge a career path for himself.

Just months after an online promo by him made waves on social media, he spoke exclusively to Suplex Retweet’s Ross Mcleod.

They discuss his wrestling journey to date in the likes of Progress and Riptide Wrestling. He also speaks about his desire to wrestle in Scotland one day with ICW as well as his love for Brooklyn 99.

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