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The Undertaker – Greatest Rivals

From Mankind to Triple H, we discuss some of the greatest rivalries The Undertaker has had in his career.

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Part 3 of our Undertaker series looks at some of the Deadman’s greatest rivalries and feuds The Deadman has had some outstanding feuds throughout his tenure with WWE.

In some cases, it has resulted in him competing in ‘first-ever’ (HISTORIC) match types, whilst others have revolved around his unprecedented Wrestlemania undefeated streak or the World Heavyweight Championship.

Some would argue that the Undertaker didn’t experience his best feuds until the mid-2000s, once the Wrestlemania Streak became a notable achievement. But some of his earlier feuds have resulted in some of the most iconic and talked about moments in living history.

With David H leading the discussion, the team look back on which of the Undertaker’s feuds were the most memorable and talked about.

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