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We had a chat with Rowan Frey and the inaugural Source Champion Alexander Darwin MacAllan discussing their career to date as the Titans and with the Violence Institute, future goals and grievances with other wrestlers.

Alexander Darwin MacAllan and Rowan Frey of The Titans speak to Suplex Retweet.

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Graduates of the Source wrestling school and the most intimidating tag team working today the Titans made up of Rowan Frey & Alexander Darwin MacAllan.

These are two men that aren’t interested in fan support rather showing why they are the best tag team. They’ve been working in promotions across Scotland and a few months after this interview they finally made their ICW debut against the Kings of Catch.

They have the size, the ability & especially in the case of ADM they gifted in the realm of promos.

As well as their work in the Titans they make up the Violence Institute alongside Matt Daly, Luke Matthews & Xero.

More than capable of in singles competition as they are as a tag team. ADM overcame 15 other competitors in a 3 day tournament to become the first ever Source Wrestling Champion. Rowan was not in the tournament, but he has shown dominance in singles matches against the likes of Andy Wild.

Kwaku Adjei sits down with them and fears for his life. This interview takes place a few days before their SWA tag team championship match against Lucha Scotland.

They also talk the origins of the Violence Institute; their future goals and they are not shy about expressing their grievances of their fellow wrestlers.

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