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The Game of Thrones Money in the Bank

Money in the Bank 2019 and the Game of Thrones finale both take on the same night. Here we attempt to decide the fate of the Throne, MITB style.

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WWE Money in the Bank isn’t the only big event that is taking place this Sunday. Game of Thrones ends it’s television run as well this coming weekend.

The fantasy drama has thrilled and enthralled fans for eight years, receiving a level of critical acclaim that is unmatched in the current TV era.

The final season has received mixed reviews from viewers around the world, but the finale is still set to draw massive numbers for its broadcaster HBO. This fact makes WWE’s decision to place one of its big five events in direct competition with the broadcast particularly surprising.

Recent weeks has saw a lot of comparisons being drawn online between the two, especially when it comes to its writing not entirely meeting fans expectations.

Another similarity that can be looked at is the book adaptions main plot point: The battle for the Iron Throne. The seemingly endless amounts of twists and turns in the race to rule Westeros can be looked at likes the journey to become a world champion in WWE.

Or even more so, the fight to claim the ladder and claim the Money in the Bank briefcase, given the sheer amount of numbers attempting to be victorious in both.

So in celebration of both events taking place on the same night, we look at the runners and riders to win the Game of Thrones in the style of a Money in the Bank ladder match.


Daenerys Targaryen

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The Breaker of Chains stood tall at the end of the go-home episode ‘The Bells’, turning heel by setting her trusted dragon loose on Kings Landing and burning the place to the ground, Seth Rollins style.

The now Mad Queen has long embraced her inner Alberto Del Rio and talked of her destiny to rule the Seven Kingdoms. However, the recent losses of her stable mates Missandei and Ser Jonah Mormont has led to her slowly turning to the dark side. Not to mention the ending of her McMahon style relationship with her nephew Jon Snow.

She is currently in pole position which makes her a strong favourite, but as we know from WWE days past, standing tall before a PPV doesn’t guarantee victory.

Jon Snow

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The chosen one so it was. Snow is portrayed on the show almost in the same style as a John Cena or Roman Reigns.

His recovery from, well, death is something even super Cena would be proud of.

The Thrones writing team have tried repeatedly to make us want to support Snow. And likes with many babyfaces in wrestling, he has a level of gullibility about him.

It’d be no surprise if he won, but like Braun Strowman in MITB last year, he doesn’t really need it.

Arya Stark

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The plucky underdog that we want so much to succeed. Her killing of the Night King in Episode 3 of the final series is similar to the moment Dolph Ziggler cashed in in 2013.

She has had the journey that is so relatable to viewers. Plus her ability to sneak through the shadows is almost Ricochet like.

Arya is the one from the main cast who everybody would like to win it, even though they know they won’t. Much like the One and Only this Sunday.

Tyrion Lannister

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The tactician. The brains who knows all the tricks in the book to come out victorious.

Many would say almost like the Dirtiest Player in the Game. WOOOO.

But as much as Tyrion has the ability to out think his opponents, he is very similar to a man polar opposite to him in size in Braun Strowman.

His booking in the early series had him as one of the front runners. Like Braun in 2016-17. Recent seasons though has made him look silly and not as smart as he claimed. Like The Monster Among Men in 2018.

Many wouldn’t complain if he ended up on the Throne. However, it is sort of like the chance has gone to make it meaningful.

Bran Stark

Game of Thrones S08E01 Bran 1024x576 - The Game of Thrones Money in the Bank

Ahhh the Bray Wyatt of the Game of Thrones universe.

Many fans believe that the youngest living Stark will end up ruling due to his status as the One Eyed Raven. In short, he can see into the future.

However, his place in the reckoning is much similar to that of The Eater of Worlds.

He’s not going to win the big one. He’s really just going to psych out some of his other opponents, like he did to Jaime Lannister and make sure what he proclaimed/sees comes true.

Sansa Stark

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We watched in awe as we witness the story of Kofi Kingston leading to Mania. Knocked down. Told he wasn’t good enough. A B-Plus player.

That is why we loved it so much when Kingston won the big one at the Grandest Stage of Them All.

We can compare this to Sansa Stark. She watched on as her father was beheaded. Forced to suffer next to a ruthless king and put into a marriage she didn’t want. And this was all before she had to put up with TV’s greatest hell in Ramsay Bolton.

Sansa has came through all this and came out stronger for it. She is the one in the MITB match that we think deserves to win it, but not actually do it.

Kind of like Dana Brooke in a way. Dana has had to scratch and claw and now she has a chance, with many fans wanting her to do it.

Sansa is the exact same.

Cersei Lannister

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She has been the champ for a number of years. The one we all want to hate. Yes, the Baron Corbin of Game of Thrones.

The evil Cersei seemed to have his lost her ‘Loser leaves town’ confrontation with Dany in the last episode. Her death has all but ruled out her chance of winning the Throne.

However, some fans theories mean we shouldn’t rule out an Undertaker style return from the death. Like with the world of wrestling, always expect the expected.

And like if the Deadman showed up in the Money in the Bank match, it is near enough a guarantee that Cersei will win if she shows up in the finale.

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