Nathan joined ESSR after a stint as President of the Glasgow University Pro Wrestling Society – of which he is also a Co-Founder – much to Kwaku’s dismay.

After taking bashings from the rest of the panel for being a former GU student and/or always finishing in second place, Nathan is on hand to talk all aspects of wrestling. He cites the Attitude Era as being his favourite era of our great sport.

To his delight, many team members class Nathan as the most handsome member of the team.

Wrestling Comebacks

There’s no better feeling in wrestling than seeing one of your favourite return after a prolonged absence. In this episode, our panel discuss some of their favourite comebacks in wrestling history, as well as debating the effect of social media on modern day returns.

Best of RAW 25

The longest running episodic TV show celebrates turning 25 next week, so to mark the occasion the Suplex Retweet panel discuss their favourite ever RAW moments.

Wrestlers who divide opinion

In wrestling, there isn’t always competitors who get the expected heel/face treatment from the fans. Some who are meant to be loved get booed to no end, whilst those who were meant to hate are some of our favourites. In this episode, our panel look at the wrestlers who divide fan opinion.

The Evolution of NXT

NXT has came along way since its days as a bonafide talent contest back in 2010. Before the return of the historic WarGames match at NXT Takeover: Houston, our panel look at how NXT has advanced to become one of the go-to places in wrestling.