Seth Rollins WWE Raw IC - Superstars of the Year 2018

Superstars of the Year 2018

It’s time to crown our ICW, NXT and WWE Men & Women’s Superstar of the Year

We look at the wrestlers who made the biggest impact in 2018 in our superstars of the year show.

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2018 was a big year for wrestling with countless memorable matches and moments. In the first of series of shows looking back at the best and worst of the year we look at which wrestlers had the best 2018? Who had the most consistently great matches? Who looked like the biggest star in 2018?

We’ll be looking across promotions looking for the best male and female wrestlers to find a man and woman of the year for 2018.

With there being so many wrestlers we’ve split them into different categories. WWE man or Woman of the year will be main roster superstars only as NXT is usually head and shoulders above everything else. Something that didn’t change in 2018.

We also look closer to home with the ICW man and women of the year. Most of the panellists have been at ICW shows throughout the year to see some of the best wrestlers working today.

Join host Ross McLeod and the panel as they give their picks for Man and Women of the year and discuss what they’ve done during the year to deserve that title. As there can only be one winner each panelist has their list of honorable mentions.

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