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Superstar Profile: Batista

Continuing on with Mania Week by finally giving you what you want but only on our terms, as we look at the profile and career of Batista ahead of his no holds barred match against Triple H.

GIVE US WHAT WE WANT!! Well here you have it, a look back at the career of Batista ahead of his return match.

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On The road to WrestleMania 35, we look into the profile of the returning Batista before his upcoming match against Triple H.

A decorated superstar, inside and outside the squared circle, the animal began his career as an enforcer for the likes of Triple H in the stable Evolution, to becoming multi-time World Heavyweight Champion.

Andy, Ross and David discuss the Animal’s career spanning from his training his early years on Raw and Smackdown, to his upcoming feud with Triple H, as well as looking at his career outside of WWE.

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