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Grab a pen and take part in our SummerSlam Quiz. Message us with your score @SuplexRetweet. Did you beat Steven‘s championship winning score of 43?

We find out how much our panel knows about the biggest party of the Summer in our Summerslam Quiz.

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We love a good quiz here on Suplex Retweet as it’s time to test our panels knowledge on the history on another of WWE’s big for PPV’s. This time out, our team tackle the biggest party of the Summer, SummerSlam.

A show that has been a part of WWE’s calendar almost as long WrestleMania with over 30 instalments of the event since the first show aired live from Madison Square Garden in 1988.

With such history behind the event lets hope our panel have done their research. Spoiler they haven’t.

As with all our quizzes bragging rights are on the line as well as the biggest prize in all of podcasting: The Suplex Retweet Heavyweight championship.

This time around Ross McLeod is your Quiz Master and will look to keep order with his specially appointed constable and brother Scott. This quiz will test the panel’s knowledge of all aspects of SummerSlam from which Superstars have the best win loss record in world championship matches at the event to whose had the most matches in SummerSlam history to some very obscure facts.

Make sure you’ve got your pen and paper handy. Can you score higher than out panelists?

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