Summerslam 2016 Rebook

Another of our re-booking shows where we look back at the WWE SummerSlam 2016 match card and suggest what results and events should’ve taken place for a better show!

Summerslam 2016 was meant to be the beginning of the new dawn for WWE, but didn’t deliver on various elements. Our team do their best to rebook the show.

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The majority of wrestling fans out there will watch a live event and sit back afterwards and thing: I could have done that better.

At that moment we all become WWE bookers. We imagine what we would have done differently if we had the chance.

Who we’d add to matches if we could, how we’d change aspects of matches and even what parts of an event we would simply remove all together.

As a wrestling media source, us at Suplex Retweet regularly critique past shows in our discussions. Some aspect we praise, others we bash. Therefore, we are the perfect outlet to attempt to try and change the plot so to speak of the events of days gone by.

ESSR’s Rebook series attempts to do just that. In these shows, we will look to dissect PPVs bit and bit and analyse just what we’d have done at the time.

2016 on paper wasn’t the greatest year for the WWE. Creative ideas planned months in advance were forced to be scrapped and rewritten due to injuries.

Following on from what many seen as an underwhelming Wrestlemania, the company had to do something different to freshen things up.

With the roster arguably at the biggest it had ever been – when you take NXT in consideration especially – the decision was made to split it in two and re establish the WWE Brand Split.


The first PPV event that took place following the draft was Summerslam 2016. This was the first opportunity for the WWE to show off their refresh and give the fans some new emphasis that the second half of the year was one to look forward.

Whilst they achieved that in parts, there was a lot that just did not work and could have been done much differently.

Our the second time, Steven and his panel put on their creative hats with their Summerslam 2016 Rebook.

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