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Social Media in Wrestling

We look in to the world of Social Media discussing how it’s affected wrestling as a whole talking about the good and bad. We slide in to some hot topic debate without poking about areas and ensure that every point is nudged.

We take a look at how the rise of social media over the last decade has effected the sport as a whole.

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The rising influence of social media has changed how we go about our every day lifes.

Being within constant control of technology means we can interact with others in a instant.

With this changing landscape, the average human can now digest information in a heartbeat. Be in news or pictures, a quick glance onto social media can provide us with all our daily updates.

Be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, the way we go about our everyday routines has changed compared to the turn of the century.

Wrestling is no different. A sport previously known for his kayfabe nature and secrecy now has a constant fight to prevent news hitting the media at a rapid rate.

Whilst this is the biggest change for the sport, the rise of sites like Facebook and YouTube has created multiple markets for promotions to expand their reach.

Companies such as AEW found initially prominence using these channels, whilst many independent stars get on the radar from matches going on YouTube.

Whilst there is a lot of good in social media though, it can often be seen as a toxic environment. Indeed, the links with mental health for some is alarming, and the need for different regulations on the site are needed.

Such a vast subject, Steven and his panel attempt to digest how social media has changed the wrestling world.

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