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Six WWE superstars that could go to NXT UK

Scott Mcleod looks at six stars competing across WWE’s main brands who could take a trip across the pond and boost NXT UK further.

Over the last few months WWE’s UK brand has gone from strength to strength.

NXT UK has proved a hit with fans worldwide. Much like its US counteract, it knocked it out of the park with its latest Takeover event in Cardiff.

Our own David Haughney recently listed five wrestlers that would benefit from going to the US NXT. So why not do the same for NXT UK?

Already, we’ve seen Kassius Ohno, Alexander Wolfe and most recently Cesaro appear on the brand. Each of them were immediately in better positions than they were before.

So, who else would be a good fit for NXT UK? Whether they aren’t being used currently or have something they can add to the brand I’ve found six of the best candidates.

6. Drew Gulak

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Even before the announcement that the cruiserweights would be part of NXT, we’ve seen Gulak compete at Full Sail against Kushida and Matt Riddle.

Drew has history with NXT UK, having competed in the first round of the 2018 UK Championship Tournament and claimed American wrestling was better than British wrestling.

Having him form some sort of an alliance with Ohno as the cocky Americans trying to show the Brits how it’s done would be a great story. Them vs Moustache Mountain would be a technical masterclass.

As the current Cruiserweight champion, we could also see the title defended on a UK Takeover against someone like Tyler Bate, Noam Dar or Kenny Williams.

5. Nikki Cross

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The NXT UK women’s division already has a wealth of top Scottish amongst its ranks. Why not let another come play?

It would be great to see Cross mix it up with Piper Niven, Kay Lee Ray or even Toni Storm.

Nikki would be great to see in NXT UK, whether on her own or with her fellow women’s tag team champion Alexa Bliss.

The pair would bring some star power having been regularly featured on Raw & SmackDown. Such rank could help get more eyes on the brand.

I’d love to see them vs Jinny and Jazzy Gabert or even a reunited Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox as Team Kick.

4. Sheamus

Sheamus Net Worth Bio Wiki Age Height - Six WWE superstars that could go to NXT UK

We’ve already mentioned Cesaro so why not talk about the other half of The Bar.

Sheamus has been medically cleared to return to the ring and he’s teased going for the IC title to become a Grand Slam champion.

While that would be a good story, he could really help some up-and-coming talent in NXT UK. 

I would 100% be up for The Bar chasing the NXT UK Tag titles. If Cesaro going down was just a one off, you can still find a place for Sheamus on the brand.

You could put people who are being set up for a UK Title shot against him as way to prove themselves. Beating a former WWE champion is an easy way to solidify the brands next main eventer.

3. Aleister Black

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Rather than sitting in a dark room waiting for a fight have Black do what he does best. Kicking people’s heads off!

Since he beat Cesaro at Extreme Rules, Black has pretty much done nothing.

He has history wrestling for promotions in the UK such as ICW and Progress. The former NXT Champion even made his first WWE appearance at the inaugural UK tournament. What more proof do you need that he would be a good fit for the brand?

He’d be a great candidate to hold the European title that’s rumoured to become the brands mid card title. Who wouldn’t want to see Black vs Jordan Devlin or Ilja Dragunov?

2. Killian Dain

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I know Dain has already returned to NXT but there’s nothing to say he couldn’t do both. Pete Dunne did the first few sets of NXT UK tapings and managed to compete in WarGames afterall.

Imperium got involved in the mass brawl at the end of his match with Riddle so this could lead to Dain coming to NXT UK.

He can come face-to-face with his former Sanity stablemate Wolfe. He’d be a different type of opponent for Walter as he couldn’t be thrown around easily.

Plus who doesn’t love two top big guys go at it? Just look how well Keith Lee and Dominic Djakovic click.

1. Drew McIntyre

drew mcintyre 696x392 - Six WWE superstars that could go to NXT UK

It’s been reported by several sources that Drew McIntyre wants to be part of NXT UK in some way.

This can only be a benefit to NXT UK as Drew, when he was on the indie,s worked hard to get eyes on the UK scene wherever he was working.

He played a big part in ICW when they were growing in popularity, running venues like the SECC and the Hydro.

If Drew did go to NXT UK, there’s no way he couldn’t immediately be a top guy.

Just imagine a Takeover main evented by Walter vs McIntyre. Drew would carry the UK title with pride and do the same with that title that he did for ICW, WCPW and others.

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