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Six of Scotland’s best tag teams

We look at some of the best teams tearing up the Scottish tag scene right now.

It’s fair to say that tag teams in wrestling have got a bit of a bum deal in recent times.

The WWE’s treatment of the division has been questionable for years. Teams are built up in NXT like main event players, only to be rarely used properly once brought to the main roster.

Duos such as The Revival and the Viking Raiders are just two who aren’t being used to their fullest potential.

Outside of the E however, tag team wrestling is arguably at its peak. Other promotions have been making a pledge to make it a central focus of what they are producing. Take the on-going feud between The Young Bucks and The Lucha Bros for example.

Here in Scotland, we have always been known for producing top drawer teams. Polo Promotions established themselves as Europe’s number one duo in recent years, but not before The Bucky Boys, NAK and Sumerian Death Squad tore the house down every night in ICW.

The current crop making up the scene aren’t too bad either. Whilst they still have some way to go to match their predecessors, all the current signs are positive. So here are six of the top tag teams in Scotland right now.

Kings of Catch

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It’s only fitting that we kick off this list with the team arguably holding the keys to the division right now.

Aspen Faith and Lewis Girvan are a duo who have often drawn comparisons to the aforementioned Young Bucks.

2018/19 have seen them come out from the shadow of their Filthy Generation leader Stevie Boy to become main event players across Scotland.

The reaction they received upon winning the ICW tag titles at this year’s Square Go shows the level of popularity they have right now.

It is a surprise not to see either in NXT UK or WOS to date.

The Purge

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We are beginning to see the products of the GPWA training school put their stamp on the scene.

Two of those graduates are Stevie James and Krobar, The Purge. The pairing have benefited greatly from being regularly featured with established talent like Wolfgang and BT Gunn.

Gunn and The Purge recently won ICW’s King of Hawners trios tournament. Receiving such faith from the company hierarchy shows how far they’ve came even in the last year.

They are one of the few teams on this list to make an impact down south as well. Their recent feud with Kings of North in TNT Wrestling has been a standout in the promotion.

An ICW tag title feud with KOC would be sure fire money.

The Fite Network

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You don’t hold a title for over 900 days if you don’t have quality.

PBW graduates Lou King Sharp and Krieger have slowly built up an impressive CV across Scotland in recent years.

The pair exhibit a natural chemistry with each other that instantly produces top contests with a number of teams.

Krieger’s power and the unhinged nature of LKS is always bound to cause problems. Now that their lengthy PBW title reign has ended, expect the two to continue their push for higher honours.

The Nine9

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Whilst this may be seen as a left field choice, you can’t argue with the ability the Nine9 has.

The team is built around the old school formula of veteran and rookie that has always worked well in wrestling.

Dickie Divers‘ CV in tag wrestling is extremely impressive. Now, with Jack Morris at his side, he’s aiming once more to dominate the Scottish duos scene.

So far, they have stamped their authority on Reckless Intent. Now, they have the ICW division firmly in their sights.

Plus their love of Brooklyn Nine9 is a guarantee winner for this podcast.


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What happens when you combine two of Scotland’s most exciting young stars? You get guaranteed entertainment show-after-show.

Kieran Kelly and Craig Anthony have established themselves as two talents to watch across a number of promotions.

Recently, they’ve began teaming more as i-Gen. In a relatively short period of time, tag gold has come their way in SWA and PBW.

Whilst both are clearly destined for singles success, teaming together will allow Kelly and Anthony to hone their skills further.

High octane is an understatement when it comes to i-Gen.


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More of an unknown quantity to the ICW audience, but these lads are the future.

Fans of Source Wrestling will be well aware of the abilities of Kai-Williams King and King Killa.

The brother-duo present a level of charisma and cockiness that is refreshing in this day and age.

That combined with an already developed in-ring game makes them a formidable duo.

They’ve already appeared once in ICW last year. Expect many more appearances in the years to come.

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