simon cassidy outside of Glasgow's Admiral bar after the most recent One Fall Sessions event

Simon Cassidy Interview

We had a chat with Simon talking about his initial wrestling training at Source Wrestling School, his first announcing gig, working all over the country at different promotions and his passion for wrestling.

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The rise of Simon Cassidy to the voice of Scottish wrestling is something special indeed.

A fan like all of us, Simon initially started off launching WrestleShark whilst at university, along side good friend and now former ICW World Champion DCT.

A product well ahead of its time, it set the bar of what wrestling podcasts – such as ourselves – should strive to achieve. It is through his work with WrestleShark that Cassidy got himself on the radar of Insane Championship Wrestling.

After their regular ring announcer had to pull out, Simon filled in for one was supposed to be a ‘one night only’ gig. Nearly seven years, he remains firmly one of the voices of the company.

Now the recognised ring announcer for most of Scotland’s wrestling promotions, Cassidy is now also the owner of One Fall Media and the One Fall Sessions. His goal for this was to mix Graham Norton with professional wrestling, and it’s fair to say he has done a good job with it so far.

Simon Cassidy already has quite the story. Listen to him talk through his journey from fan to wrestling personality with debuting interviewer Allan McLucas. Highlights include why people keep chanting ‘It’s your fault’ at him and the origins of Viper‘s ‘The Draw’ nickname.

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