Since October 2017, Eat Sleep Suplex Retweet has been in the podcast game, releasing shows on a weekly basis. These podcasts cover a broad range of topics from the world of wrestling and sports entertainment. 

Recorded at Glasgow Caledonian University’s student radio station, Radio Caley, our new podcasts are released every Thursday. In addition to these weekly staples, we occasional distribute bonus feature content such as interviews and PPV previews/reviews.

With over 100 episodes in our back-catalog of podcasts, we provide insight into the hot topics in the wrestling world as well as looking back on past eras in the sport. 

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Ross is joined by Dave to talk about more matches being added to WrestleMania, New

ESSR Central #105 – Mania Main Event Winner in Doubt, Hall of Fame & Impact Sacrifice

Steven along with Chris Lopez & Dave look at a selection of tag team matches

Wrestling Mix Tape (WrestleMania Tag Matches) – ESSR Feature #262

Steven, Gary & Ross step up to the challenge of Foreign Object – the wrestling

2023 WrestleMania Head-to-Head Quiz – ESSR vs Foreign Object

Ross is joined by Dave to look at the fallout from AEW Revolution and some

ESSR Central #104 – AEW Revolution & the Road to WrestleMania

Ross is joined by Scott to review Elimination Chamber and preview Impact Wrestling’s No Surrender

ESSR Central #103 – Elimination Chamber, No Surrender & Revolution

Scott & Grant look at Battle in the Valley, the exit of Jay White &

East Meets West #042 – Battle in the Valley

Ross is joined by Chris Lopez to look at the 2023 Royal Rumble and how

ESSR Central #102 – Royal Rumble 2023

Scott, Jack, David and Ryan all analyse the teams for the new tag team season

Season 16 Kickoff – Saturday Draft Live #162

Scott, Andy & Chris Murray take a look at the 2005 documentary The Self Destruction

It’s Still Real to Me – The Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior – ESSR Feature #261

Ross goes through Impact’s Hard to Kill with Scott before being joined by Dave &

ESSR Central #101 -Hard to Kill, Raw 30 & Royal Rumble Preview

Ross is joined by Scott for the first Central of the year to look at

ESSR Central #100 – Vince Returns, WWE Sale & Impact Hard To Kill Preview

Scott & Grant break down the stacked card for this year’s Wrestle Kingdom with big

East Meets West #040 – Wrestle Kingdom 17 Preview

Scott & Jack examine all of the teams for this latest season of the draft

Season 15 Kickoff – Saturday Draft Live #155

Ross & Scott look at the fallout from Survivor Series, William Regal’s AEW contract status

Survivor Series WarGames, William Regal & NXT Iron Survivor – ESSR Central #098

Ryan & Dave are joined by Ryan Gallacher to talk about how close the season

Saturday Draft Live #154 – Season 14 Finale

Ross is joined by Gary to look at the latest news from the last 2

ESSR Central #097 – Theory’s Cash In, Wargames & Full Gear Preview

Scott, Dave & Chris Lopez each pick a match from a past Survivor Series for

ESSR Feature #257 – The Wrestling MixTape (Survivor Series)

Ryan & Dave look at how Crown Jewel could sperate the top of the leaderboard

Saturday Draft Live #151

Ross is joined by Dave to preview this weekend’s Crown Jewel and look at the

ESSR Central #096 – Crown Jewel Preview, Colt Cabana & Nakamura in Noah

Scott leads Daniel, David & Andy through 6 tough rounds to test their knowledge of

Quiz Showdown 21 – Quiz Showdown Goes Galactic (Extended Edition)

Ross & John Isherwood look at the biggest stories of the week including the Karl

ESSR Central #095 -Karl Anderson, Halloween Havoc & PWI

Scott & Grant talk about the passing of Antonio Inoki, a new championship being unveiled

East Meets West #036 – Declaration of Power

Ross & Dave look at the biggest stories from the last week including the fallout

ESSR Central #094 – Extreme Rules, Bound For Glory & Bray Wyatt

Scott, Grant & Chris Lopez look at the dominant career and many accolades of the

ESSR Feature #253 – GUNTHER

Scott & Jack look at some changes to the Leaderboard and examine some picks that

Saturday Draft Live #146

Ross returns from his excursions to Turkey as he’s joined by Chris Anthony Lopez to

ESSR Central #093 – PAIGE HERE, AEW Grand Slam Fallout and WARGAMES!!

Scott & John Isherwood look at two year anniversary of NXT 2.0, the PWI 500

ESSR Central #092 – NXT 2.0 Anniversary, PWI 500 & AEW Grand Slam tournament

Scott & Dave look at the results of the big weekend of wrestling and the

ESSR Central #091 – Clash at the Castle, Worlds Collide & All Out Fallout

Scott & Dave look ahead to three major shows this weekend as well as all

ESSR Central #090 – Clash at the Castle, Worlds Collide & All Out Preview

Scott & Grant look at the stacked field and complicated format of this year’s G1

East Meets West #035 – G1 Climax 2022

Ross & Scott look at the biggest news stories including the announcement of NXT Europe,

ESSR Central #089 – NXT Europe, CM Punk Heat & Bound for Glory Main Event

Ross & John Isherwood look at some of the recent developments in WWE since HHH

ESSR Central #088 – Talent Returning to WWE, Mania Ticket sales & Impact Emergence

Scott, Dave & Ryan look at the early scores and examine each team of the

Saturday Draft Live #139 – Season 14 Kickoff

Allan hosts and tries to keep a lid on the discussions as the panel try

ESSR Feature #250 – Mount Rushmore of Heels

Scott & Ross look at the fallout of SummerSlam with WWE now under HHH’s creative

ESSR Central #087 – SummerSlam, Flair’s Last Match & Karrion Kross

Scott, Jack & Ryan look ahead to SummerSlam and discuss some rule changes for next

Saturday Draft Live #138 – Season 13 Finale

Scott & Grant look at Forbidden Door fallout before previewing the 4 Blocks of this

East Meets West #034 – G1 Preview

Scott & Dave look at the leaderboard post Money in the Bank and ask if

Saturday Draft Live #136

Ross & Dave look at the fallout of Money in the Bank, the controversy around

ESSR Central #085 – Money in the Bank, Logan Paul & WES

Ross & Dave look at the fallout from Forbidden Door before looking ahead to Against

ESSR Central #084 – Forbidden Door, Against All Odds & Money in the Bank

Ross is joined by Dave to look ahead to Forbidden Door, Bruce Prichard taking over

ESSR Central #083 – Forbidden Door, Bruce Prichard & Slammiversary

Scott & Grant look at very competitive Best of the Super Jrs tournament and a

East Meets West #033 – Best of the Super Jrs 29

Ryan hosts for the first time alongside Jack to look at how he can keep

Saturday Draft Live #133

Ross is joined by John Isherwood for a special episode of Central looking at the

ESSR Central #082 – Vince McMahon Steps Down

Ross is joined by Scott to go over the big stories of the last few

ESSR Central #081 – Interim AEW Champion, Cody’s Injury & 20 Years of Impact

Scott & Dave look at the top scorers heading into Double or Nothing and talk

Saturday Draft Live #130

Ross is joined by John Isherwood to look at the Sasha and Naomi situation, Joey

ESSR Central #080 – Talent Walkouts, Dumb Spots & Double or Nothing

Scott & Grant are back to look at some big developments with Ne Japan in

East Meets West #032 – Wrestling Dontaku

Ross is joined by Dave to look at Wrestlemania Backlash, Impact Under Siege and confusion

ESSR Central #079 – WrestleMania Backlash Fallout, Impact Under Siege and MITB

Kwaku is back in the hosting chair with Daniel, David and Scott to discuss some

ESSR Feature #242 – Funniest Wrestlers

Scott & Chris look at the biggest stories from the last couple of weeks from

ESSR Central #078 – NXT Releases, WrestleMania Backlash & Forbidden Door

Ross is joined by John Isherwood to look at the main stories of the last

ESSR Central #077 – UK PPV, New NXT Tag Champions & AEW Bots

Scott & Grant look at the 2022 New Japan cup featuring the biggest field in

East Meets West #031 – New Japan Cup 2022