seth rollins and the miz

Seth Rollins and The Miz Interview

Steven, whilst reporting for Glasgow Live spoke to Seth Rollins and The Miz about the upcoming WWE UK Tour show at Glasgow, SSE Hydro.

Ahead of WWE’s UK tour, Seth Rollins and The Miz spoke to Suplex Retweet

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WWE make the trip to the UK at least twice a year. It gives the British fanbase the chance to catch their favourites – including Seth Rollins and The Miz – live in the flesh.

It also gives the British wrestling media greater access to the main roster than some may usually receive. Publications in the likes of France and Italy can ask WWE stars more intimate questions about their home base without it seeming completely out of place.

This year, Suplex Retweet got in on the action for the first time. Whilst covering WWE’s events in Glasgow for Glasgow Live, our own Steven Wilson got the opportunity to chat with Rollins and Miz.

Then Intercontinental champion Seth discussed the Shield reunion – hours before the live announcement of Roman Reigns cancer diagnosis – as well his Game of Thrones Wrestlemania attire, whilst The Miz took the opportunity to send a message to Daniel Bryan.

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