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Scottish Podcast Collaboration presents Mums, Mysteries & Murder

The Scottish Podcast Collaboration is a group of like-minded creators with Scottish content that everyone should hear about, brought to you byGlasgowerandScottish Murders, in association withDiscover Scotland Magazine.

We’re two Mums living in Edinburgh who are obsessed with true crime and mysterious happenings, so obsessed we decided to start a podcast! Each month we take turns to tell stories from our homelands – Effie Scottish born and bred where haggis is NOT actually an animal and Marti from the land down under where no prawns have ever been thrown on a barbie, it needs to be said! So, if you want polished, professional true crime then this is not for you, maybe try Casefile. But if you love true crime and mystery like us & you can’t stop talking about it, give us a listen! Its not big or clever but it is entertaining.

We can’t believe we live in Scotland and have yet to cover the Loch Ness Monster, so here it is! This one is actually covered by Marti who was recently up at Loch Ness and inspired to do this ep.

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