Reckless Rumble

Reckless Intent Reckless Rumble Results

Our team were in attendance as Livingston-based wrestling promotion Reckless Intent held their annual Reckless Rumble event.

Here are the results in full from the event.


Pre show match

Freddie the Fanboy vs Jarek Nowak (RI Hardcore title)

Freddie the Fanboy def. Jarek Nowak to retain the RI Hardcore title.

Post match

Mikey Devine pins Freddie to become new hardcore champion.
Alex Webb pins Mikey Devine to become new hardcore champion.
Jarek Nowak pins Alex Webb to become new hardcore champion.
Freddie the Fanboy pins Jarek Nowak to become the new hardcore champion.

First Half

Michael Chase vs Paul Tracey

Michael Chase def. Paul Tracey by pinfall.
(Paul Tracey dances with ESSR producer and ring announcer Kwaku Adjei during the match)

Kieran Ure interrupts before the next match to make it a fatal five way match.

Jack Morris vs Glen Dunbar vs Steven Myles vs Massimo vs Deacon Awesome (UK Title)

Decon Awesome def. Massimo, Steven Myles, Glen Dunbar and Jack Morris to become the new Reckless Intent UK champion.

Jarek Nowak def. Freddie the Fanboy to become new RI hardcore champion

Theo Doros vs Dickie Divers w/ Sara Marie Taylor (RI Heavyweight Title)

Dickie Divers def. Theo Doros by pinfall to retain RI Heavyweight title .

Second half

David Devlin comes out to thank the fans after getting injured. He is interrupted by Rob Mills, Solar comes out to fight Mills.

Rob Mills def. Solar by pinfall

Reckless Rumble

Order of Entrants

1. Alexander Darwin McAllan
2. Sugar Dunkerton
4. Solar
5. Kid Crazy
6. The Red Power Ranger
7. Rob Mills
8. Alex Webb
9. Luke Aldridge
10. Jam O’Malley
11. Mr. Byers
12. Alan Smith
13. Theo Doros
14. The Jackal
15. Aspen Faith
16. Brandon Adams
17. Mikey Devine
18. Craig Forsyth
19. Glen Dunbar
20. Freddie the Fanboy
21. Deacon Awesome
22. Steven Myles
23. Jack Morris
24. Sara Marie Taylor
25. Ayesha Raymond
26. Jarek Nowak
27. Fraser Manson
28. Nico Kraus
29. Grumm
30. Michael Chase
31. Chris Quinn
32. Robert Wishart
33. The Big Red Ref
34. Paul Tracey
35. Massimo

Theo Doros wins the Reckless Rumble 2019.

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