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Queen of The Ring

Our team attempt to fantasy book our own Queen of The Ring tournament in a one by one in a 32 woman single elimination tournament.

The question has been asked for years, why didn’t they ever have a Queen of the Ring tournament? Our team attempts to fantasy book one of our own.

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The majority of wrestling fans out there will watch a live wrestling event and claim that they could have done that better. What matches they would make up if given the chance. What scenarios they could create if certain wrestlers could compete against one another in a tournament.

At the same time, many in the wrestling community also wondered why we never saw a Queen of the Ring tournament. Throughout the 90s, the male roster of the WWE competed to be crowned King of the Ring.

However, the closest we ever got to getting the ladies involved was when Chyna competed in 1999. Recent years have seen the introduction of the Mae Young Classic, but the question still remains. What would happen if we could choose any women in the world to compete?

In this show, we are the bookers. Money and company exclusivity does not matter here! In this unique twist on a fantasy booking show, Sarah Grieve and her panel all enter wrestlers of their choosing to enter the ESSR Queen of the Ring Tournament.

We discuss what match ups were created with Sarah’s extremely scientific, and reliable method of pulling the names out of a hat!

Listen in as the team vote off wrestlers one by one in a 32 woman single elimination tournament.

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