Bracket e1556655530911 - Progress Super Strong Style 16 2019 Results

Progress Super Strong Style 16 2019 Results

Check out the results in full from three days of high octane action as Progress Wrestling brings you the fifth Super Strong Style 16 tournament.

Three nights of tournament action from the Super Strong Style 16 has concluded. Here are the results from a weekend of fantastic action from Progress,

Bracket e1556655530911 - Progress Super Strong Style 16 2019 Results

Day 1

Ilja Dragunov defeats Chris Brookes – Super Strong Style 16 First Round

Kyle Fletcher defeats Daga – SSS16 First Round

Travis Banks defeats DJZ – SSS16 First Round

Jordan Devlin defeats Lucky Kid – SSS16 First Round

Trevor Lee defeats Aerostar – SSS16 First Round

David Starr defeats Artemis Spencer – SSS16 First Round

Paul Robinson defeats Darby Allin – SSS16 First Round

Kyle O’Reilly defeats Chris Ridgeway – SSS16 First Round

Day 2

Aerostar defeats Daga

Jordan Devlin defeats Kyle Fletcher – SSS16 Quarter Final

Ilja Dragunov defeats Trevor Lee – SSS16 Quarter Final

Session Moth Martina defeats Jinny – Qualifier for the Women’s Title Fatal 4 Way on Night 3

Jinny receives post match standing ovation as she appears to wave goodbye to Progress

Progress OGs (Ligero, Mark Andrews, Jimmy Havoc and Mark Haskins) defeat Do Not Resuscitate (Drew Parker, Chuck Mambo, Spike Travet and Pastor William Eaver) – No DQ

FSU (Eddie Dennis and Mark Andrews) reunite post match and the OGs celebrate

Kyle O’Reilly defeats Paul Robinson – SSS16 Quarter Final

Jimmy Havoc appears post match and challenges Robinson to a death match on Night 3 for his final Progress match

Travis Banks vs David Starr – Double Count Out SSS16 Quarter Final. Both men advance to Semi Final

Chris Ridgeway, Darby Allin and Lucky kid defeat Chris Brookes, DJZ and Artemis Spencer

WALTER defeats Trent Seven – Progress World Title/Atlas Title Unification Match

Day 3

Chris Brookes wins the Hangover Scramble match

Travis Banks defeats Ilja Dragunov, David Starr defeats Banks – Triple Threat Elimination Match – SSS16 Semi Final

Jordan Devlin defeats Kyle O’Reilly – SSS16 Semi Final

Paul Robinson defeats Jimmy Havoc – Death match in Havoc’s last Progress match

Aussie Open defeats Aerostar and Daga – Progress Tag Team Championship

Jordynne Grace defeats Session Moth Martina, Millie McKenzie and Nina Samuels – Progress Women’s Title

David Starr defeats Jordan Devlin – SSS16 Final

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