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Power Couples of Wrestling

On this Valentines Day edition of Eat Sleep Suplex Retweet, our panel look back at some of the greatest onscreen duos in wrestling history.

Who says Wrestling and romance don’t mix? We look back at some of wrestling’s on-screen power couples

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Love is in the air on a special valentine’s day addition of Suplex Retweet looking back at wrestling power couples.

Wrestling has a long history of kayfabe and real life couples. On occasion a real life couple appears in a storyline in a case of art imitating life. Other times life imitates art.

For the purposes of this show we will be focusing on those onscreen couples regardless of what was going on with them behind the scenes.

Depending on how it’s written a wrestling romance angle can provide some truly heartfelt moments or it can lead to moments that you’d rather forget.

From Iconic couples like Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth, Edge and Vickie Guerrero or Triple H & Stephanie. To modern couples like Rusev and Lana. Even some maybe forgotten couples like Mae Young and Mark Henry, Jamie Noble and Nidia or Billy and Chuck.

Which couples can hold the title wrestling greatest power couple?

It will primarily be focused on WWE couples but there is a special mention for a few couples from our home promotion of ICW.

We have a big panel to go through the history of couples in wrestling and discuss who are the best and the moments that make these couples so memorable.

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