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Overseas talent in UK wrestling

We take a special look at some wrestlers who have come around the world to wrestle in Britain making a name for themselves plus elevating the scene.

We look at some of the top wrestlers from overseas who have made an impact across Scotland, England and the rest of Britain.

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It is no secret that the UK wrestling scene exploded in popularity several years ago.

For a long time promotions were attracting fans to their shows by booking familiar names and faces and advertising the, on the poster.

“Former/Ex-WWE Superstar/Diva”, and “formally known as” was a common sight. Sometimes the local talent not only need fresh match-ups, but promoters want to appeal to as many markets as possible.

Booking overseas talent, especially extremely well-known names sold tickets.

With the independent circuit hotter than ever, and as a result, talent are doing tours of the UK, some made the UK their home and cross-brand matches were happening.

More attention was being brought to the product. Many different variables attract overseas wrestlers to the UK. For some talent, it’s a new challenge for them.

Some perhaps look to reinvent themselves. Others simply hear or watch people they know compete around the UK and want to experience it for themselves.

Names like Travis Banks, Toni Storm, and David Starr all moved to the UK permanently, and even though they are not UK natives, they are known for creating the wrestling scene we know today.

Sarah and the panel take a look at some of their favourites who have travelled from overseas to compete in the UK. They also discuss the importance of promotions using imports, as well as what attracts talent to the UK.

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