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Opinion: The Kasey/Aivil feud highlights issues with ICW’s Womens Division

There isn’t many bigger advocates for the UK female wrestling scene than Sarah Grieve. That doesn’t stop her expressing her thoughts in her latest piece.

ICW kicked off their new GONZO show in style with some new and returning faces as well as a new set up within The Asylum. The show confirmed a couple of matches for the upcoming Fear and Loathing, including one for the ICW Women’s World Championship. Aivil successfully bested Isla Dawn to book a match-up with champion Kasey, an opponent she is more than familiar with in ICW, as the below stats from Cagematch.net show.

Aivil/Kasey Rivalry

17.06.2018 – ICW: Drunk and Drunker

Kasey def. Aivil (1-0)

26.08.2018 – ICW: Terminator 2.5 – It’s Yersel

Aivil def. Kasey (1-1)

07.10.2018 – ICW: Fight Club

Aivil def. Kasey (2-1)

12.10.2018 – ICW: Get Him to the Union

Kasey def. Aivil (2-2)

01.12.2018 – ICW: France 99 – I Quit Match

Aivil def. Kasey (3-2)

16.06.2019 – ICW: I Ain’t Your Pal, Dickface!

Aivil def. Kasey (4-2)

06.07.2019 – ICW: Bravehearto – ICW Women’s World Title match

Kasey def. Kay Lee Ray (c) and Aivil – New Champion (3-4)

27.07.2019 – Shug’s Hoose Party 6 Night 1 – ICW Women’s World Title match

Kasey def. Aivil (4-4)


In the past 15 months, the duo have met eight times. To get to their upcoming ninth match,  ICW booked a tournament to see who would face Kasey at SWG3 in November. 

I say it was a tournament, but in reality, it was three matches that involved women. Aivil defeated the debuting Angel Hayze in a first round match-up, and the aforementioned Dawn, who had defeated the returning Anastasia. The two women went on to ICW Gonzo in the finals. 

To me, it’s lazy booking. 

Instead of focusing on setting up a storyline and giving the fans something to care about, it seemed foregone that Aivil would advance.

It’s not like ICW don’t know how to book a tournament. In May we saw a bunch of trios face off over two nights to have the right to face the current tag team champions at a time of their choosing. 

Three single elimination matches does not equal a tournament. Single elimination tournaments work when there’s a number of people that can be involved. A round-robin tournament could always have been an option if there’s a lack of women ICW are willing or able to book on their shows. However, the Scottish and UK scene is blessed with an abundance of female talent.

Due to the amount of times Kasey and Aivil have faced in such a short period, it’s clear why a lot of people are starting to not really care anymore. That’s a huge shame for two of the best on the ICW roster.

High-quality athletes

I love watching these women perform in the ring. They’re both absolutely talented at what they do. The women’s wrestling scene has fought harder than ever before to be taken seriously in the sport. It would be awful to see the women’s division in Scotland take a backwards step.

Like previously mentioned, I love watching these two women compete and wrestle and they have worked so hard to get to where they are. But there’s only so many times you can put them together in a match and expect fans to eat it up.

I honestly believe these two women deserve so much better than what they’re currently getting right now. Booking them in the same kind of match up can only go so far. It limits the storyline to the point it’s now dragged out and stale. It also keeps them inside a sort of bubble where they can’t shine against different people.

I know these two women will knock it out of the park at Fear & Loathing because they’re familiar with each other and have that undeniable chemistry. It’s just a case of “how many times is too many times?”

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