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NXT UK TakeOver Blackpool Preview Show

The panel discuss the upcoming NXT UK TakeOver Blackpool show chatting about the build up, matches and what they hope comes out of WWE in the UK

What can we expect from the biggest night in NXT UK so far? Our team preview NXT UK Takeover Blackpool.

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In January of 2017 when the first WWE UK champion was crowned, we were promised a weekly UK show on the network. After months of waiting we’ve finally got what we were promised as WWE announced NXT UK even announcing a number of taping dates. Then at one of the tapings it was announced they would be going back to where it all began two years ago at the empress ballroom with NXT UK Takeover Blackpool.

It wasn’t without its issues as it took months after it was taped for the shows to be shown on the network.

Once it did air, they seemed to be rushing out the episodes airing two back to back every week in order to be up to date by the time Takeover happens.

Scott McLeod makes his hosting debut with a panel who are all going to Blackpool to witness this historic event live.

They address the issues regarding the show airing, what their thoughts are on the show so far and who their standouts are. They also give their predictions and speculate how the results might impact the brand going forward.

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