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NXT Call Ups Show 2018

The panel discuss all the superstars called up to the main roster from NXT.

We analyse the NXT Call Ups we saw this year, going through the pros and cons of their first 12 months on the main roster.

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The annual uptake of NXT call ups divides opinion amongst wrestling fans.

To some, the post Wrestlemania RAW and Smackdown fills the audience with excitement at potential seeing their favs from the development brand show up.

However, to some, it is something that fills them with dread. This is due to WWE’s questionable history with dealing with NXT talent.

HHH’s brand spends years building up stars to give them the best possible chance to succeed in the industry. But for every Elias and Kevin Owens, there is a Tyler Breeze or Shinsuke Nakamura who become an afterthought within the main roster landscape.

2018 saw the usual raft of call ups both post Mania and later on in the year, and like with past years, we have seen mixed results.

Some of the call ups have been made to look like stars. Others have been given a manager who wets himself in front of The Big Show. Whilst six other ones were randomly called up at the end of the year with little to no direction whatsoever.

And WWE question why NXT fans don’t want their stars to move up?

Sarah and her panel analyse all of this year’s NXT call ups. They go through each one and one and decide whether they are a success, or if their career is destined to go on a downward turn.

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