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Mental Health in Wrestling

The panel discuss mental health in the world of wrestling tackling the stigma on it as well as discussing how wrestling has been a great form of escapism.

We delve into the tough subject that is mental health and how it is prevalent in and around wrestling

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Mental health in general, is one the most important issues that affects the world, especially at this moment with Covid-19 pandemic.

The panel discuss mental health and its stigma, with the aim of intending to dent the stigma and show that it is a part of everyone’s everyday lives by illustrating that it should not be a deterrent in life, but embraced and used to help promote healthy living and success.

The panel analyse where mental health has played a part in wrestling. Looking back at these larger than life characters, asking firstly was this acceptable? Did this possibly influence the life of the performers?

Lastly, asking the most important question, has wrestling learned and evolved from this? Does production’s like WWE actually look into mental health as part of their wellness programme? Are they doing enough on screen as well as off screen?

We then look into when wrestling storylines were not appropriate, through ridicule, or labelling? The panel then discuss if these actions helped create a self-fulfilling prophecy with some characters. We analyse did these performers have access to help and treatment? Should this be the case? Most importantly now, is there something being done about this now and has the industry learned from this?

With our special guest, Source Wrestling own ‘King of the street’s’ Manlon, and our very own Strak, we get first person analysis on if wrestling can help with mental health issues/illness? Does the sport allow a form of escapism for performers as well as fans, in a world that can be full of stress, pain and so many other issues.

Most importantly, of all that we discuss, we send a message to all listeners, if you are struggling, especially during this pandemic, please reach out to someone? Either by text, call, messenger, face time? Whatever it may be, we actively encourage everyone to speak of they are struggling as we are all in the same boats and can guarantee, someone is willing and wanting to listen and help.

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