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Masked Wrestlers

It’s Halloween so instead of going trick or treating (guising), we decided to talk about our favourite wrestlers who wear masks or even de-masked during their career.

We look back at some of the best to have followed in the Lucha tradition in our masked wrestlers show.

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For this special Halloween addition of Suplex Retweet we look at some of the colourful and mysterious characters who wrestle under a mask.

There is a long tradition of Wrestlers wearing masks most famously in Mexican lucha libre. Masks are seen as part of a wrestler’s identity and they are encouraged to not let fans see them without their mask. Matches that involve a wrestler putting their mask on the line are guaranteed to draw huge money. If you put your mask back on after losing it, it’s seen as a sign of great disrespect.

In Japan some of the most iconic wrestlers have worn masks such as Tiger Mask & Jushin Thunder Liger.

In WWE however wrestlers who wear masks have a mixed history especially the luchadors as Vince McMahon has never seen the importance of the mask. The true exception being Rey Mysterio.

However, when they get a masked character right it can lead to memorable characters like Mankind, Vader and Kane.

Join host Ross McLeod & the panel as they look at the history of masks in wrestling before looking at some of their favourite masked wrestlers in and out of WWE. They also look at some examples of wrestlers being forced to be unmasked.

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