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Mae Young Classic 2017 Review

The panel discuss the [FIRST EVER, HISTORIC] Mae Young Classic Tournament talking about the wrestlers, matches and impact made

Just a few weeks before the 2018 edition, our team look back at the inaugural Mae Young Classic.

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Following the success of the Cruiserweight Classic and the UK championship tournament WWE took another step in the women’s evolution presenting an all-women’s tournament. Thirty-two of the best women’s wrestlers from around the world coming together in tournament that takes its name from a legend the Mae Young Classic.

Even better is that the tournament looks to become an annual event. Before the action in this year’s tournament unfolds, we look back at first Mae Young Classic.

Join host Sarah Grieve and her panel as they discuss the concept of the tournament before looking back over each round. They pick their favourite matches and competitors before discussing the eventual winners. In hindsight did the right person win the tournament?

The panel differs in their opinion of certain competitors and how far they got in the tournament. They talk who stood out to them whether this was the first time seeing them or if they were aware of them before. People they would have liked to seen progress further than they did or get signed.

To round it off they look ahead to the 2018 tournament to see who they’d like to see this time around and who would they like to see return from the year before.

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